An Educational Tool for Understanding the Economy


In a world of financial instability, uncertainty, and over-complexity, how can we begin to understand and make sense of news about the economy? More importantly, how does the economy touch our lives?

This podcast, A Correction, aims to make economics accessible. Lev Moscow, Jon Moscow and Natalie Peart break down economic terms--what is inflation? Perverse expectations? A derivative?--so we can all become a little more econ literate. A Correction is a great tool for educators and students alike.


A correction: the act of making something accurate or better
— Merriam-Webster

Who Is Listening? 

Educators, studentsanyone and everyone. Ten years ago, Lev graduated with an MA in education and was assigned to teach economics to high school students. Tasked with making big, complex information accessible, through trial and error and constant tweaking, Lev designed an economics course that he thinks works. Joined by his friend, Natalie Peart, they formed A Correction team to bring you the course in a podcast format. The episodes are organized to help educators plan your class or to supplement the class you are currently teaching. Students, if you are currently taking an economics class (and are having some difficulty) or you took an intro economics class years ago and have forgotten everything, A Correction is an excellent resource. Anyone and everyone who wants to understand the front page of the newspaper or become more econ literate, A Correction can help. Spread the word, sign up for our newslettersubscribe to the RSS feed or donate.   

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A correction: A reverse movement, usually negative, of at least 10% in a stock, bond, commodity or index to adjust for an overvaluation.
— Investopedia

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