The Euro Crisis-So Far

The 2008 Crisis Lives On: Lev and Jon talk about all things euro! How did the crisis start? What has it meant for people across the continent (particularly the most vulnerable)? In what ways has it changed European politics? How will the crisis end? 

This season we have been exploring the ways the 2008 crisis has reshaped the world. Our thesis is that the past is not dead, that we continue to live with the effects of the '08 crisis in a multitude of ways. We are wrapping up the 2008 Crisis Lives On season this month. In addition to this episode we will air three more interviews on the euro crisis (with experts on Italy, Greece and Spain). We will come back in the fall with a new season: On Income Inequality

We will continue to produce interviews with journalists and historians from around the world on Current Events all summer. Stayed tuned!


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