Current Events: Venezuela

In this episode Lev speaks with Professor Gabriel Hetland about the economic situation in Venezuela. We discuss President Maduro's recent reelection, the Chavez legacy, and what the New York Times gets wrong in its coverage of the country.  Professor Hetland's work on Venezuela and Latin American politics has been published in Qualitative Sociology and Latin American PerspectivesThe NationJacobin, In These Times, Nacla and teleSUR. 



A note: From time to time we will be covering current events in addition to our regular podcasts on the economy. This podcast is primarily designed for educators and we believe that current events are an important part of any class. We hope that by interviewing experts we might gain insight about political and economic events that are happening in the world right now. We also hope that these interviews can provide some clarity when preparing lessons. Please let us know how we are doing! Thank you. 


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